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“One Billion Bottles Sold”


Chris Reed, CEO and Founder, has been in the carbonated beverage industry since the 1980’s. Since then, he has worked to change what consumers expect from soda. His Reed’s and Virgil’s branded beverages have garnered numerous awards, and Chris’ creations have sold over 1,000,000,000 units.


We know the beverage game in and out. From design to distribution, we excel at every step, bringing quality products from concept to reality. With best in class, bi-coastal production capabilities and an accomplished team of beverage formulators, we can make your product better than the rest.


Our purpose is to bring the next big product to the market. Since Chris’ Reed ‘s first batch of ginger brew back in his apartment kitchen, he has striven to push the envelope and make unusually good products. Stop settling for decent flavor and product design, let us help you create something amazing.


Quality Ingredients

With 40 years of experience, CCB has contacts in all areas of the beverage supply chain. We source quality, industrially priced ingredients from apple juice concentrate to hibiscus flowers. When it comes to natural flavors, we have long standing relationships with all of the largest American producers.

Unique Packaging

Although our first priority is taste, the importance of packaging cannot be denied. We have relationships with the largest glass, corrugate, closure and label, suppliers in the US and in China. Let us help you find the right look at the best price.

Unbeatable Products

When it comes to production, CCB has you covered. We have bi-coastal capability, with facilities in Los Angeles, CA and Latrobe, PA. Each facility has wide ranging production experience and SQF level manufacturing qualifications.

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