Quality Assurance

Document Control

California Custom Beverage has a qualified Management Team that is responsible for supporting the current GMP program at 97%. CCB’s west coast facility will be SQF by October of 2023.

Employee Training

CCB’s Management Team has developed a continuous Training Program for employees in Food Safety, Personnel Safety and Security.

Environmental Program

CCB has a developed Environmental Monitoring Program which allows for real time testing of potential pathogens at key points throughout the manufacturing process.


CCB has a long standing and continuously audited HACCP based Food Safety Plan (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). Our HACCP plan is designed to ensure that our organization controls and assures food safety.

Building and Equipment Maintenance Program

CCB has established preventative maintenance, calibration and sanitation procedures to ensure consistent, high quality production outputs.

Microbiological Testing Program

CCB’s testing protocols include the utilization of extensive, daily in-house and third-party testing through Siliker/MXNS.

Pest Control Program

CCB is contracted with Dewey Pest control to provide service under our Pest Management Program.

Quality Plan

CCB maintains a thorough and rigorous Quality Program with multiple levels of checks and additional third-party validation.

Sanitation Program

CCB contracts with experts in the sanitation chemical industry to ensure tailored sanitation chemical formulation and a food safe production environment.